Eikon & Datastream

LSEG’s Eikon database is a comprehensive financial data and analysis platform. It serves as a data hub to access important information, perform in-depth analyses and stay up to date on market trends.

In the LSEG Learning Centre, you’ll find a variety of on-demand courses and resources on Eikon and Datastream. You can also access online certificate courses there.


There are two Eikon & Datastream terminals accessible exclusively in the Finance Area. They can be booked by WU students or staff members using the reservation system on our website. You can reserve terminals for up to three hours per day.

Online certificates

The Eikon & Datastream online certificate courses are freely accessible to WU students and staff members. You can complete the course assignments from home, but the final test must be taken on site at the terminal.

  • Eikon certification: This course introduces the basic functions of Eikon and its MS Excel Add-In. You’ll learn how to efficiently access the offered financial data, news, and analytics.
  • Datastream certification: In this certificate course, you’ll get to know the fundamentalsof using Datastream, including the creation of charts and bulk data exporting.

Further resources

You can find short interactive learning videos on the LSEG Learning Centre website.

LSEG also offers webinars where you can learn more about the Eikon & Datastream tools under the guidance of a tutor. All of the Eikon and Datastream classes can be found on the LSEG Learning Centre website.

Where can I get support?

Still have questions about using the terminals? Just write to us at library@wu.ac.at – we’re always happy to help!