Find specific literature

When it comes to locating literature, we have a couple of methods to consider. First, there’s the known-item search, which involves searching for literature you’re already familiar with. Then, there’s the thematic search, where you look for literature on a specific topic.


If you’re on the hunt for books, you can use the WU catalog. Helpful search terms include author names and/or keywords from the book title. Often, just the author’s last name will suffice. If you’re wondering where to find a book in the library, you can check its location here.

Book chapters

Searching for book chapters is also possible through the WU catalog. However, instead of looking for the author and title of the chapter, focus on the editors of the book and the book’s title. To locate the book, you can check its location in the University Library here.

Journal articles

When it comes to journal articles, there’s a dedicated sub-catalog in the WU catalog. Instead of searching for the article title, search for the title of the journal in which it was published. This way, you’ll find all available issues of that journal in the library. You can also conduct a direct search for journal articles using CatalogPLUS, which provides more comprehensive results from our databases. It’s important to note that CatalogPLUS doesn’t display all database results. So sometimes it’s best to search directly within the databases themselves.


Searching for web pages is straightforward – just enter the provided URL into your web browser.