Level 4: News lounge for daily newspapers and business magazines

In the News Lounge on level 4 of the Central Library, you have access to current issues of many daily newspapers and business magazines, as well as the PressReader terminal, where over 4,000 daily newspapers are available online.

Current professional journals, as well as past issues of magazines and newspapers, are located on level -2 in bound editions.

Magazines and newspapers cannot be checked out, but excerpts of them can be scanned.

On level 4, you will also find ample space for collaborative work. In addition to multiple project rooms, the group work area is particularly noteworthy: here, you can customize your workspace with mobile tables to suit your group’s individual needs.

Once it’s time for a well-deserved study break, you’ll find the communicative zone and the chill-out area on level 4 as well. In the communicative zone, you can eat, drink, and socialize. And if you need refreshments, you’ll find coffee and snack vending machines here.

The chill-out area invites you to relax – you can get comfortable on sofas and bean bags and enjoy a view of the Prater.