360° Tour

For various areas of the Central Library, 360-degree videos are available. Explore the building and the services available to you! You can view the videos on your PC, a mobile device, or with a VR headset. In addition to the virtual tours, there is a specific research case: From your search to the book: Lost@WU?

Virtual tours

Enter the Central Library and discover level -2

In this video you can see the entrance area of the Central Library and the basement level -2 along with their associated services.

Tour entrance and level -2 (in German)

QR-Code zur Tour Empfang und Ebene -2

Level 2: Library Information

The services that are available to you in or via the library information desk are the topic of this video.

Tour Library Information (only in German)

QR-Code zur Tour Bibliotheksinformation

Level 4: Chill out area and Newslounge

Level 4 of the Central Library provides you with spaces for taking a break and chat with friends or do group work together. It also hosts the Newslounge, where you can check out the latest newspapers and magazines.

Tour Level 4 Communicative Area (only in German)

QR-Code zur Tour Ebene 4: Kommunikative Zone

From your search to the book: Lost@WU?

You need books for a thesis on detectives and their areas of operation. You want to start with an initial search in the library catalog from the comfort of your home.

Eventually, you came across this book, which you’d like to borrow.:

As you can see from the information in the section Location, this book is on level -2 in the Central Library.

Note: The book is located in the basement on level -2, not on level 2 (2nd floor)!

Since you’re not yet familiar with the library and want to avoid accidentally ending up on level 2, you can get a first impression of the library in advance:

You can use our 360° Virtual Tour for this purpose. Not only will you find information about the location of the desired book, but you will also discover other helpful information for a successful visit to the library.