Citing AI

Important: Always check with your supervisor before using AI tools! Ask if (and how!) you can use them and how you should cite AI-generated content in your paper.

Transparency is key when using AI tools in your studies. This means you need to clearly document in your papers which sections you used AI tools for and how.

You can best document the use of AI tools and AI-generated content in your work by using a combination of these methods:

  • Describe in the relevant section of your work which AI tools you used and what you used them for (e.g., in the literature review or methodology section).
  • List the AI tools used in a directory at the end of your work (e.g., Catalog of Tools).
  • Cite AI-generated content in your work.

How do I cite AI-generated content?

Different citation styles offer suggestions for citing AI-generated content. Below, we share the recommendations of the APA, Chicago, and MLA citation styles. Practical examples show what such citations can look like in an academic paper.