Scholarly search engines

These specialized search engines index only a specific section of the web: they focus on scientific documents, which are a major resource for your degree program. Thanks to these tools, you can discover plenty of materials that might slip through the cracks when using general search engines like Google. That’s what makes them a top choice for diving into a thematic research for your seminar paper or thesis.

Major scholarly search engines include:

  • EconBiz
    This search engine focuses on economics and is run by the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics. It’s a reliable source for economics and business administration literature, including journal articles, essays from books, and freely accessible full texts.
  • BASE Bielefeld Academic Search Engine
    BASE is like a hub for scientific documents from various fields, with approximately 60% available as open access. It brings together content from different repositories, making it easy to search for all kinds of academic materials in one place.
  • Google Scholar
    Google Scholar is Google’s dedicated search engine for scientific documents. It’s so popular that it has its own separate page.