You can discover many eBooks through the WU catalog. To narrow down your search to eBooks, use the filters on the right side of the catalog. First, pick Books as the Resource Type, and then, limit the results to Online Resources.

A result in the WU catalog, the link labelled “Online access available” is highlighted. On the right, the active filters “Book” and “Online Resource” are highlighted.

Now, you can either open the document directly as full text, or you’ll be directed to the provider. On the provider’s page, you’ll find various options to use or download the document. If there are several providers, they will be displayed in the results list after clicking on the title. In some cases, using the Open source in a new browser window function can give you a better view of the provider’s page.

Download as EPUB or MOBI format

When you click on the Online access available link, a couple of things can happen. You might see several download options right there, or you will be directed to a website where your text is accessible. There you can choose to either read it online or download it, often with a selection of formats. In addition to the usual PDF, you might discover the document in EPUB or MOBI format. These formats are great for reading on mobile devices like eBook readers or smartphones because they automatically adjust the graphics, layout, and text size to fit your screen.

If you want to read the EPUB or MOBI format on your mobile device, you might need an eReader app, like Aldiko (available for free). This app makes it easy to organize and read your eBook collection on your smartphone or tablet.