Capital IQ & Capital IQ Pro

Capital IQ is a financial information platform that provides in-depth information on companies, industries, and markets. It offers a wide range of financial data, analytics, and research tools.

Capital IQ Pro is designed as a desktop app for professionals in finance and business analysis. It provides a robust suite of tools and features for comprehensive research on various companies, industries, and markets.


Both Capital IQ and Capital IQ Pro are accessible through the WU network. This means that you can use them on campus via the WU Wi-Fi, or remotely by establishing a VPN connection on your personal computer.

Online certificates

Capital IQ and Capital IQ Pro offer a range of online certificate courses. These are freely accessible to all WU students and staff members. The exercises and tests can be completed within the WU network (remote access is possible via VPN).

  • Capital IQ 101: In this course, you will learn how to use S&P Global data, news, and analysis to complement your research. Learning videos are available on the Capital IQ website, while the assignments can be found on the website of the emulator provider Capsim.
  • Capital IQ Pro 101: This course teaches you the basics of Capital IQ Pro. You will get to know the tools of the platform and perform your own analysis.
  • Banking 101: In this certificate course, you will learn about the tools you need to analyze worldwide banks.

Further resources

Capital IQ offers webinars on a variety of topics in the banking industry, investment banking, and global economy. You can find recorded and upcoming webinars on the S&P Global website.

Where can I get support?

Still have questions about using the terminals? Just write to us at – we’re always happy to help!