Bloomberg Terminals provide access to the Bloomberg Professional services, offering a wide range of financial instruments and markets, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and more.

Through the terminals, you can also access Bloomberg’s eLearning platform, where you can learn to use the Bloomberg Terminals effectively by taking part in online courses. The platform also offers certificate courses that teach you essential concepts in economics, finance, and sustainable investing. These courses are interactive and you can complete them through independent study.


There are four Bloomberg Terminals accessible exclusively in the Finance Area. They can be booked by WU students or staff members using the reservation system on our website. You can reserve terminals for up to three hours per day.

Online certificates

The Bloomberg certificate courses are freely accessible to WU students and staff members. You can complete the assignments and tests only on-site at the terminals in the Finance Area. In order to take the course outside the Finance Area, you have to purchase remote access.

Further resources

You can access short interactive videos provided by Bloomberg and industry experts on the Bloomberg for Education website.

Bloomberg also offers webinars on a wide range of finance-related topics, including terminal tools and updates on current economic trends. Furthermore, recorded and upcoming webinars are also accessible on the Bloomberg for Education website.

Where can I get support?

Still have questions about using the terminals? Just write to us at – we’re always happy to help!