WU citation styles

In order to ensure consistency in the citations and bibliography in your work, you need a citation style. Reference management programs typically come with a variety of styles by default. If the required style is still missing, the WU Library can create citation styles upon request.

When using these styles, be sure to take into account any institute-specific information and consult your supervisor! Many instutes don’t have their own style – instead, they use one of the “greats” like APA, Chicago or IEEE.

The WU library provides a broad range of citations styles (site in German only).

You can find information about citation using the IBFD style below.



Bruyn, Sabine/Terpstra, Jolien (2017). Guidelines to the IBFD Standard Citations and References. Amsterdam: IBFD. https://www.ibfd.org/sites/ibfd.org/files/content/pdf/Guidelines-IBFD-Standard-Citations-References.pdf


Based on the IBFD citation rules, the following citation styles for Juris-M exist:

  • JM IBFD complies with the rules of the style guide.
    Download style
  • JM IBFD with Page Label is the same as JM IBFD, but it includes the abbreviation ‘p.’ before page numbers in citations.
    Download style
  • JM Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien – IBFD für Abschlussarbeiten entspricht JM IBFD with Page Label, but creates a more detailed bibliography.
    Download style

Quick Guide

You can find a short manual for the IBFD styles here.

Database with examples

You can access a Juris-M Group-Library with all examples from the IBFD Style Guide here.

Where can I get support?

The university library is happy to help you out with any questions you may have regarding the WU-licensed software Citavi and EndNote as well as the free software Zotero and Juris-M. In the library’s course overview, you will find the dates of various courses on reference management.

Additionally, you can always write to us at library@wu.ac.at.