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Easier citing with Zotero (hybrid)

Are you working on a seminar paper or final thesis? Is your desk and digital library cluttered with books and articles, making it increasingly challenging to maintain organization?

A reference management program can help you to keep things organized. In this course, you will learn:

-Systematic recording of research literature, information, notes, and documents

-Distinguishing between different types of publications (e.g., monographs, book chapters, journal articles) and properly citing them

-Automatically saving literature from databases and library catalogs

-Effective organization and tagging of entries

-Annotating texts and images in electronic format

-Automatically inserting annotations and notes as quotations in word processing

-Automated creation of references and bibliographies in your work

You will receive an email invitation (including a link) to an MS Teams Meeting at least one day before the course.

Please ensure that your email address is entered correctly during registration!

In preparation for the workshop, please install the Zotero desktop application from https://zotero.org. After installation, please check if the plugin for Microsoft Word or LibreOffice has been installed correctly - a new menu item labeled "Zotero" should appear in Word or Writer respectively. Additionally, you will also need the Zotero-Connector, a browser add-on available at: https://www.zotero.org/download/connectors

Course duration: approx. 180 minutes

The course will take place if there are a minimum of 5 participants.

Attention, lawyers! Zotero may only partly align with Austrian legal citation guidelines. If you are required to adhere to AZR or leg.cit guidelines, you can use Juris-M, an expanded version of Zotero tailored for legal requirements. We also offer courses specifically designed for Juris-M. You can also attend this course here to get to know the basic functions.

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